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    There is a choise of  Saturday to Saturday (Full course.) or weekend course Friday to Monday


With a minimum of two people and a maximum of five this course runs from Sunday morning to Friday evening. You will arrive Saturday afternoon and leave on Saturday morning.


Saturday evening we will all get to know each other and talk about the week ahead. Subject to weather we hope to do drawing and sketching outside in the mornings. Afternoons could be used to further these ideas in the studio or if the weather is good in the garden.


We find taking photographs  a valuable aid to  painting when back in the studio. If you are bringing your own camera remember to bring the connecter for the computer. However you can always use our camera.


The course is limited to a maximum of five people which means that during the week each person will have the opportunity of one to one sessions with the tutor. All levels of  painting skills welcome.

There are art materials available for use during the course but do bring your own sketch pads. We have some supplies of canvases, boards for which there will be a small charge.


Mid week we will have a day out from working and visit a local site of interest.


      Can not spare a whole week?  Want to combine a painting holiday with touring Holiday?


Why not book a long week end? Arrive Friday morning leave Monday. Same format, mornings out and about  sketching and taking Photos and afternoons working in the studio or garden developing the sketches produced in the morning.  


                          Some photographs of students painting and enjoying their painting holiday

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